Automating Your Repetitive Task Part 2

Hi there, are you doing the same repeating process everyday with SOLIDWORKS? Ever thought of how to automating your repetitive task?

Ever thought of how to automate your SOLIDWORKS to boots the productivity? Most of the time when talking about automate people are thinking about API or macro. Today, I will show you how to automate your SOLIDWORKS without the needs of API or macro with the help of DriveWorksXpress. DriveWorksXpress is available in every SOLIDWORKS license.

1. Activation is needed for first time use. To activate your Driveworks Xpress, first go to Tool, Xpress Products > DriveWorksXpress.

automating repetitive task



2. You will be prompt to key in the activation code.

automating repetitive task2

3. Click on the link for to get your free activation code for DriveWorksXpress. You will need to login your MySOLIDWORKS account.

automating repetitive task3

4. Copy the DriveWorksXpress activation code and paste it into the “DriveWorksXpress Product Code” box the click ok. Activation Done. Now we can continue with our automation task.
automating repetitive task4


5. Start to model the part that we want as usual. automating repetitive task5

6. Save the model with appropriate name.

7. Start DriveWorksXpress from:
Tools > Xpress Products > DriveWorksXpress.
Once DriveWorksXpress was started, you can access it thru the taskpane.


automating repetitive task6

8. Click on “Create/Change Database” then click “Next

Give a name to the database and save it.

Click next again to “add model”.

automating repetitive task 7   9.  Select Use current open model and next again.

automating repetitive task 8

10. This is where we capture the features and dimensions that we like to automate.

automating repetitive task 9

11. Click on “Dimension and Features”
Click on the feature that we wish to automate, and DriveWorkXpress will capture it.  

12. Using the same method to capture dimension that we wish to automate.

13. Design the form and entry field to automate the parameters. Click next.

14. Rule summary: DriveWorksXpress will show the rules summary.

Red color indicate that rules are missing and needed to create.

15. Creating Rules
Double click on the “green box” to link the Input that we created in Step 13
Green Box is value we capture from model (step 11 & 12)
Red box is input that we create in step 13.

Now we are mapping them. 

16. You can also use logical or mathematical formula when creating rules

17.  Once we created all the rules, we are ready to go.
Key in the desire value and click “Create”

18. Now I can create my model with slight modification in second just by filling in the form and hit button “Create”. A big time saver!!

19. Just another set of value

20. Have fun!

Let us know if you would like to know more. =)