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SolidCAM products are easy-to-learn and use because iMachining’s Patented Technology Wizard provides optimal Feeds & Speeds, most importantly taking into account the toolpath, stock, and tool material, as well as machine specifications. In conclusion, Contact a SolidCAM sales expert to discuss your unique needs.

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SolidCAM’s Unique, Revolutionary iMachining Technology:

  • Drastic cycle time reduction for faster product delivery.
  • Greatly increasing tool life to extend your operating budget.
  • Skip costly machine tool upgrades and new CNC purchases.
  • It provides unbelievably savings and increased efficiency in your CNC milling operations, turning out extremely high profits.
  • iMachining simulation enables faster, more dependable/reliable quotes at a lower cost, often shortening RFQ turnaround time by 50-70%.