Preview of What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top Ten Features (PART 2)

3. More Powerful Modeling Tools

In SOLIDWORKS 2017, users can rest assure that their modeling will get even faster and even more convenient. With the new Hole Wizard feature, we can create multi stepped holes in a single operation. These multi-stepped holes are a common design feature in many industries, and with this new feature, we can create them much faster and with less hassle. Other than that, we can also reuse these customized advance holes with the all-so-familiar Favourites tool in SOLIDWORKS.

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Lastly, SOLIDWORK’s Sheet Metal Modeling can now support corner reliefs for intersections of 3 bends. When selecting the Corner Relief option, just proceed as we would normally by letting SOLIDWORKS 2017 collect the appropriate corners and choose from the various relief options. The material will be removed where appropriate in both the bent and flattened state.


4. Rendering and Animations Get a Boost from Visualize

In SOLIDWORKS 2016, we have introduced the new SOLIDWORKS Visualize, an extensive tool set to easily create images, animations, and interactive content. For 2017, we have introduced a few new enhancements to dramatically improve render speed and workflow between modeling, rendering, and viewing.

First off, the new ‘Visualize Boost’ lets you render output to one or more dedicated computers with network rendering. This allows you to increase render speeds and improves content productivity, not to mention that it will also free up your local computer for other actions that require graphics computation. We can also import animations and motion studies clips into SOLIDWORKS Visualize to continue our rendering work immediately.


Another great feature is that we can map existing familiar SOLIDWORKS camera navigation and hot keys like mouse gestures to further dramatically quicken your competency and mastery of SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Lastly, the new SOLIDWORKS Visualize has new support for Virtual Reality gadgets like the HTC® Vive™, Oculus, Google® Cardboard, and the Samsung®.

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