SolidCAM 2.5D Milling

Powerful and easy to create 2.5D CNC milling tool paths, with full interactive control and feature recognition, working directly inside your CAD system. A cycle toolbox provides specialized, preset sub-operations for slots, corners, bosses.


Powerful 2.5D milling Profiling, Pocketing, and Drilling operations, SolidCAM’s 2.5D module includes:

  • Simplified geometry selection using CAD sketches, auto-feature recognition and advanced chaining functions (Offsetting, Trimming, Extensions) enable changes in geometry without changing the CAD model
  • Working directly on partsassemblies, and sketch geometry to define your CNC machining operations
  • Rest material machining cuts the remaining material left after a larger tool pass
  • Chamfering, using the same geometry defined in Profile or Pocket operations
  • Thread Milling operation for machining of standard internal and external threads.
  • Special operations for machining side slots with undercuts by a T-slot tool
  • Engraving single line or True Type (double stroke) fonts on flat and wrapped faces using fill areas strategies (Hatch/Contour) and mid-line engraving.
  • 3D Contouring to drive the tool along a 3D curve, cutting the part at different depths
  • Capability to machine geometry wrapped around a rotation axis by transforming linear movement to rotary movement
  • Ability to easily program in 2.5D with the assistance of comprehensive, graphically intensive help functions