SolidWorks PDM

Since SolidWorks PDM (Product Data Management) release, many designers are benefited from its advanced functionality and user-friendly experience. It is a mainstream data management system that stores and organizes engineering CAD data files in a central vault server. The clients are able to access all the files without any hassle in the database with much more control. From a conventional view, SolidWorks PDM utilizes an organized local cache where files are automatically retrieved from the server and placed in the user’s local cache in the storage. This unanimously increases performance during the process of opening and saving files on network shared folders. Users are required to obtain the right access before they can edit the files.  After editing, the file will be copied back to the Archive Server and this automatically creates a new version of the file.

           A lot of imperatives are being brought to you by the powerful SolidWorks PDM. It can drastically save you ample time searching for a safe centralized place for your own design documents. When a file is needed, you can use the configurable search cards to enter the search criteria to search for your own design easily. For the right access issue, the admin can set the authority for a user to access specific files. In addition, designer can enable remote designs locations to receive real-time updates on design changes when it is edited by others. Likewise, you can avoid crashing caused by old 3D CAD format file which likely leads to file corruption and data loss as SolidWorks provide user-friendly compatibility.

           In the next topic, more detailed product knowledge of SolidWorks PDM will be discussed deeply. Stay tuned.

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