A New Way to Visualize Your Design

Dassault Systemes always takes their own customers’ bucket list of requests as their top priority. Recently, SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019 has been upgraded to fulfill the current design market demand and challenges. One of the cutting – edge features, AI Denoiser is being introduced in it. From the name itself, AI Denoiser utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology aid to reduce the noise effect from your renders, making your design extra crystal clear to meet the highest precision in the industry.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional 2019 wishes to redefine your way of designing and product quality. It is included with a new advanced feature, “Appearance Types” to give you a bigger freedom to express your creativity on your design without having to making your custom materials. Aiming to connect your design with reality, you are given the privileged to scan the real world materials to your Visualize via NVIDIA MDL or PBR.

Decals have always been a handy tool to consumers in Visualize. Now, Visualize will add-on a whole new Decal Mapping to provide the users the accessibility to increase their sophistication of design. What if we can add extra element like video in it?  Rest assured, Visualize Professional has included support for Video Decals to allow you to import digitalized content to create animations of products such as smartphone, car headlight, speedometer and the list goes on.

Distinctively, SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional 2019 is built up with physics mechanisms to unlock the unlimited capabilities. Simply control your own mouse, you can make your items to collide or roll, simulating the real environment. Utilizing the Earthquake tool, you can add a natural touch to your own items and move them together to save up scene setup time.

In addition, a brand new Vehicle Driving Simulator is introduced specifically to designers and engineers. It allows them to create driving footage in different field while taking multiple dynamic still shots in the same time. Xbox controller is also compatible with the Visualize software and you can plug in to dive your own vehicles.

For designers, time is utmost importance and therefore Visualize let you to customize your own shortcut key according to your own preferences.