What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

The most anticipating CAD software, Solidworks 2019 will be hitting the market after the summer. This year, Dassault Systemes makes a quantum leap by further introducing more than 27 exciting features to Solidworks 2019.

As an instance, a whole new “Slicing Tool” is being added to create 2D sections at the intersections of the chosen geometry and planes. Simply setting the number of slicing planes and the offset and the sketches and the rest is let Solidworks to do all its work. The resulting sketches and planes will be grouped in a single folder in Feature Manager. To be mentioned, these sketches can be edited any time for exact positioning and can also be used to create complexed geometry or referenced to define the lofts and surface needed to construct a solid model.

Currently, Solidworks 2019 are engineered to combine real life and design together. Therefore, “3D Texture Tool” feature is added to allow user to generate an image with bumpy pattern. This feature is imperative as some designs require applying special patterns to complement with their scientific purposes. Traditionally, users need to use a lot of “ribs” feature to create texture which is time-consuming. However, the new “3D Texture” command can be used to turn appearances into 3D geometry rapidly and this can increase the efficiency and save up gazillions of operating cost.

“Multi-Body Part modelling” is applied to create designs like weldments. Nonetheless, the “Interference Detection Tool” is available in the Part Mode and this enables great view into the parts. Likewise, an additional “Group Mates” option is available and this makes your assembly much easier than previous. For an example, you can lock all concentric rotations in single click or lock the rotation of components from toolbox on a specific location.

A New Way to Visualize Your Design

Dassault Systemes always takes their own customers’ bucket list of requests as their top priority. Recently, SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2019 has been upgraded to fulfill the current design market demand and challenges. One of the cutting – edge features, AI Denoiser is being introduced in it. From the name itself, AI Denoiser utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology aid to reduce the noise effect from your renders, making your design extra crystal clear to meet the highest precision in the industry.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional 2019 wishes to redefine your way of designing and product quality. It is included with a new advanced feature, “Appearance Types” to give you a bigger freedom to express your creativity on your design without having to making your custom materials. Aiming to connect your design with reality, you are given the privileged to scan the real world materials to your Visualize via NVIDIA MDL or PBR.

Decals have always been a handy tool to consumers in Visualize. Now, Visualize will add-on a whole new Decal Mapping to provide the users the accessibility to increase their sophistication of design. What if we can add extra element like video in it?  Rest assured, Visualize Professional has included support for Video Decals to allow you to import digitalized content to create animations of products such as smartphone, car headlight, speedometer and the list goes on.

Distinctively, SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional 2019 is built up with physics mechanisms to unlock the unlimited capabilities. Simply control your own mouse, you can make your items to collide or roll, simulating the real environment. Utilizing the Earthquake tool, you can add a natural touch to your own items and move them together to save up scene setup time.

In addition, a brand new Vehicle Driving Simulator is introduced specifically to designers and engineers. It allows them to create driving footage in different field while taking multiple dynamic still shots in the same time. Xbox controller is also compatible with the Visualize software and you can plug in to dive your own vehicles.

For designers, time is utmost importance and therefore Visualize let you to customize your own shortcut key according to your own preferences.


Xtended Reality (XR) – New Lead to Visual Experience

Pokémon Go was first published in July 2016 had knocked the bell to pronounce beginning of all innovation about augmented reality (AR) and this technology had been spreading not only to gaming but also designing field. With AR implementation to devices with integration of accurate GPS positioning system have eventually created a new horizon to let “things” appear vividly in front of users. AR is shown to be more interactive and interesting comparing with previous technology that relies on television or personal computer screens to look into another world. The senses only focus on the screens rather than surrounding atmosphere. The intuitive display method is the main reason why Pokémon Go able to hit a total download of 500 Million at the end of year 2016.

However, the virtual reality (VR) which simulated environment as well as giving auditory, visual and sometimes a hint of sensory feedback such as haptic is extremely powerful and cannot be ignored. Frankly speaking, AR may consider as a form of VR that layers virtual information over a live camera feed through smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. The immersive environments regardless real world or a fantasy can be created and experiencing with the usage of virtual reality headset and this is highly demanding to those who wants to experience full diving like inside of the movie “Ready Player One”.  In short, you feel like living inside another world with your bodies in the real world. Adrenaline racing, driving with rages, dragon spitting fire and explosions, making yourself totally leaving the carcasses that embodies the soul.

            Let’s come back to the main topic here. SOLIDWORKS 2019 has now proudly release the Extended Reality (XR) that allow users to publish your SOLIDWORKS projects to immersive Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Web experiences. To further explain about XR, it can be said to be a combination of all real-and-virtual combined environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer technology. The implementation of XR technology in SOLIDWORKS 2019 has lead the story telling to become more vivid and crystal clear about your concepts and projects. Trying to imagine that you have drawn a robotic dinosaur and you animated it with the sceneries you want it to have just like in the movie. All your imagination can be coming true with XR where scene data such as geometry, appearance, light, camera and motions will retain and show it in front of you.

            With XR Exporter in SOLIDWORKS 2019, you can re-play animations you created inside SOLIDWORKS CAD, toggle through pre-defines Display States, or trigger an Exploded Animation within supported AR/VR/Web Experience. This will able to give you a plus point when presenting your projects and selling your designs more effectively with immersive experiences. Let’s the animation does its work to leveraging the sensation to be in front of the unbuilt obelisk. Let’s virtual world tell people the ultimate senses of being part of the virtual reality. Never let all your focus away, experiencing it to the fullest!!

            Throughout years, SOLIDWORKS 2019 has making all the ways to become the best it could to serve its purpose as the CAD leader. Stay tuned for the next updates. Cheers!