10 June: 3D Productivity Briefcase Utilities for Everyone -JB

This is a beginner course that introduces techniques to make handling repetitive tasks easier, as well as speeding up your design process. These techniques cover storing and accessing commonly used parts and features, creating your own part and feature library. We will learn how to set up and customize the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox at ease. Lastly we will learn how to utilize design table to create configurations.

Topics Covered

  1. Methods of building up commonly used parts. ( You might consider separating it into few topic. Building library features | Building library components etc. This is just for suggestion, plan based on the topics teach.)
  2. Setting up and customising SOLIDWORKS Toolbox.
  3. Using design tables to create configurations.


  1. Ease of handling repetitive tasks.
  2. Eradicate the need to recreate common use geometry.
  3. Speeds up your design process.
  4. Learn powerful usage of configuration.


Bookings are closed for this event.