Toolbox Utility & Costing

15 April: Quick Sales Enquiry Respond Time with SolidWorks Costing – KL


SolidWorks Costing is a feature introduced in SolidWorks Professional and above to automatically estimate the costing for your design. SolidWorks Costing is an effective quoting tool. This half day course teaches you the fundamentals of customizing your costing template to help you quickly estimate manufacturing costs and create quotations for sales enquiry. SolidWorks Costing is a suitable tool for Designers, Manufacturers and even Managers and Executives.

Topic Covered

·        Creating Sheet Metal Costing Templates

·        Costing for Sheet Metal Part

·        Creating Machining Costing Templates

·        Costing for Machining Part

·        Simple Volumetric Costing

·        Generating report


·        Understanding what is SolidWorks Costing and how  it works

·        Optimize design process based on the cost targets

·        Quick and accurate estimation of manufacturing/material cost



This event is fully booked.