20-21 July: HR Audit: Reduce Compliance Management Risks – PG

Based on our recent poll with SMEs, we found that many entrepreneurs are unaware of HR-related compliance risks. As such, have not conducted any form of HR risk assessment in the past either because of lack of experience or lack of time to do so.

What is HR Audit:
HR Audit is a tool which helps to assess effectiveness of HR functions of an organization. It focuses on analysing and improving the current HR compliancy. You have the options to reduce the risk by learning how to conduct self-audits OR engaging third party professionals to conduct the audits for you. Falling to do so may not only risk business interruptions by relevant authorities, which may include staggering compounds or imprisonment but may risk damaging your reputation which you have painstakingly built overtime.

Why you should attend:
Identify the best practices in your HR department.
Evaluate current compliance to maintain check and control.
Reduce risk with issues related to legal claim and lawsuit.
Ensure HR practices are aligned with company business plans and goals.

Outcomes of workshop:
Participants will be able to systematically conduct HR self-audit: Where to start?, What to look for? and How to get it done?. An effective HR audit need to be taken in a well-organized report. The report includes not only the specific results of the audit, but also a list of recommended actions ranked by risk.

Who should attend:
Department Heads, HR Managers, HR Executives, People Manager and any personnel who manages HR Functions and/or Internal auditors.


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