23 December: Shorten Design Cycle With Better Project Collaboration Training (ICI)


Dealing with a large sum of SOLIDWORKS files can be tedious at times, especially when you are sharing these files amongst a team of designers. This is a continuous course from “Scrap Minimization Start From Proper File Management”. This course goes further detail to teach you how to collaborate your SOLIDWORKS file within your team members and how to share files in a multi-users environment effectively.


Topic Covered

  • File References

Ø How SOLIDWORKS Searches Referenced Documents

Ø Recursive Searches and Copying Files with Pack and Go

Ø Replacing Referenced Documents

Ø In-Context Features in Assemblies

Ø Using SOLIDWORKS Explorer

  • Shared Files

Ø Share Files Through a Collaborative Environment

  • Controlling Read and Write Access To Files
  • Open Reference Documents As Read-Only
  • Reload

Ø SOLIDWORKS Support FilesØ Multiple In-context References To The Same Part

  • Shared File Locations

Ø SOLIDWORKS Add-Ins: Creating Copies of Toolbox Parts

Ø Revision Management with SOLIDWORKS Explorer


  • Understand how to use and control SOLIDWORKS files
  • Know-how on the handling of file referencing
  • Improve efficiency in sharing files in a collaborative environment
  • Reduce rework and avoid files being overwritten by tracking revisions

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is required to use or control SOLIDWORKS files are recommended to come for this training.


This event is fully booked.