3D Express Modeling

24 May: SOLIDWORKS 3D Express Modeling (ICI) – JB


Discover The Benefits That SOLIDWORKS Is Able To Offer

  • Wishing to learn and experience how SOLIDWORKS function?
  • Used SOLIDWORKS before but you are needing a crash course?
  • Is there any software that is able to quickly transform new ideas into products?
  • Requiring a software that is able to design a complex part?

Overview 3D Express Modelling

SOLIDWORKS mechanical design automation software is a feature-based, parametric solid modelling design tool which takes advantage of the easy to learn Windows graphical user interface. You can create fully associative 3D models with or without constraints while utilizing  automatic or user defined relations to capture design intent.

This is an intensive course to teach you how to kick start your design with 3D. The lesson starts with an introduction to 3D Modelling and how to build your first parametric model part, drawing and assemblies. You will learn how to create your first 2D sketch and 3D features. The lessons involve generating automatic 2D drawing and mating multiple parts into assemblies. After the training you will be able to create simple part and assemblies.

Topic Covered

  • SOLIDWORKS Basics and the User Interface
  • What is the SOLIDWORKS  Software?
  • Design Intent
  • Basic Part Modeling
  • Introduction to sketching
  • Parts Drawing
  • Bottom-Up Assembly
  • Assembly Drawing


  • Gain basic understanding of part modelling
  • How to start designing from null into a 3D model
  • Able to understand the importance of design intent in 3D Modeling
  • Able to use the fundamental or basic tools in 3D Modeling process
  • Able to create a part, build an assembly and make drawings from those part and assembly

Who Should Attend

Product engineers, designers or anyone who wishes to recap or learn about the functions of SOLIDWORKS

Fees: Free fo active subcribers only
Please contact +603-2630 6118 or email to event@cad-vision.com for more details.


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