Advanced 3D Skills

11 July: My 3D Skill Development with Advanced Technique Demystified

Having The Need To Enhance Your SOLIDWORKS Advanced 3D Skills?

  1. Want to learn Advanced 3D skills?
  2. How to model an advance part using surface modeling?
  3. Having the urge to learn how advance lofting works?
  4. Having troubles when handling large assemblies?
  5. Required a better understanding on advance & mechanical mates?


This is an Advance course design to introduce useful features and techniques that will potentially ease your task in modelling complex part designs. This course doesn’t stop at native SOLIDWORKS files. Want to make that .iges file work? This course teaches you how to do so.  Finally, make use of advanced mates to simulate complex mechanisms in assemblies, along with methods to handle their resource-hungry bigger brother – large assemblies.

Topics Covered

  1. Handling multi-bodies
  2. Advanced lofting
  3. Repairing imported geometries
  4. Advanced mates
  5. Large assemblies handling
  6. Sketching with splines
  7. Advanced surface modeliing
  8. Large assembly handling


  1. Learn useful and powerful technique to model complex geometry.
  2. Work with imported geometry (*.iges, *.step, *.x_t) at ease.
  3. Methods to optimise computer resource usage in assembly mode.
  4. Visualize complex mechanisms easily.
  5. Applying advance sketching techniques and features onto a complex part or assembly
  6. Fitting parts into a complex assembly by using advanced and mechanical mates
  7. Systematically modelling a large assembly


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