An Introductory Workshop on R&D Innovation and Technologies

RND Seminar

Time Subject
0900-0920 Welcoming Speech and Introduction on R&D Innovation and Technologies
0920-1010 Topic 1: Innovations – the landscape, directions and fostering
1010-1100 Topic 2: Technologies for Innovation – case studies
1100-1110 Tea Break
1110-1200 Innovation inspiring Game Session
1200-1220 Q&A
1220-1230 Closing Speech

Business Networking and Buffet Lunch

Course Overview

It’s beyond any doubt that we need to create and innovate to maintain our industrial successes. A popular design may not last beyond a few minor iterations. Even a world-leading brand may disappear within a number of years in this fast-paced society and dynamic world.


Creativity does not equal innovation, but innovation certainly requires creativity. Various tools and techniques to improve processes have started to gain popularity since early to the middle of the last century. These include Kaizen in 1950s, Six Sigma in the 1980s and lean manufacturing in the 1990s, just to name a few. There are also Design for Manufacturability (DFM), computer aided design and drafting (CAD) to enhance our design capabilities. Yet today as corporations and business entities we continue to face challenges in maintaining the momentum and speed of innovation. Are these tools, talents and experiences of us utilised for continuous R&D innovation? Is there anything else missing from the ingredients for successful design innovation?


Drawing from the speaker’s 15 years of working on cutting edge projects with many innovative engineering companies in the UK spanning aerospace, biomedical, civil and environmental, consumer electronics, food and beverage, energy and sports industries, he speaks, with examples and case studies, on cultures and practices of engineers in these companies. He also aims to shreds some light on how entrepreneurs, inventors and engineers he came to know, leverage extensively on computer aided engineering (CAE) to speed up the conversion of creative ideas into inventions and innovations in this 1.5 hours workshop.

Why Would You Come

  • Network with people with interest in creativity, innovation and improvement
  • Discover where our technology world is heading to
  • Explore the differences between creativity, innovation and inventions
  • Understand where we are in the spectrum of creativity, innovation and invention
  • Learn how to enhance our creativity and innovation skill sets

Who Should Attend

This talk will benefit R&D managers R&D engineers and HR Manager



The Speaker

Dr Tang Kok Cheong (KC) received a BEng (1st) in Aeronautical Engineering in 1994, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 1998, from University of Salford, UK. Apart from mechanical, structural and fluid flow engineering solutions, he also ventured into electromagnetic and multi-physics solutions.  He is both a Chartered Engineer and a Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE). He has co-authored ‘Why do multi-physics analysis’ and authored ‘Why do electromagnetic finite element analysis’, both of these books were published by NAFEMS.

As a researcher and then an engineering consultant with a specialist FEA and CFD engineering consultancy firm in the UK, he was privileged to work on over 100 engineering projects with world-leading engineering companies and to deliver 100 training courses on engineering simulation technologies to these companies. Upon returning to Malaysia in 2010 under the Returning Expert Programme, he continues to work as an engineering simulation consultant and to spread his passion in learning, trying and experiencing.



*BBQ Buffet Lunch Provided

*Priority seats to Managerial people

*Attire:Smart Casual


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