FEA Simulation with SOLIDWORKS Simulation – KL | 12th Apr 2019


Does design rework take too much time and cost, especially after the prototyping or production stage?

Is being unable to deliver design quality after mass production of your product being a constant and huge concern for your company?

How do you ensure that your product is able to perform its intended usage, without it being too fragile or over-designed?

Above are just some of the common issues shared by the industry, how will it affect your organization if any of these scenarios happens? Let us take care of these worries for you!

SOLIDWORKS Simulation takes the guessing out of your design with real-life situation analysis

When designing products, knowing if it will work is critical. However, knowing how long it will last is equally important. Understanding a product’s durability helps to ensure it meets customer’s needs as well as minimizing unexpected warranty issues. With SOLIDWORKS Simulation, you can analyze multiple variations of a design to find the optimal strength and weight, way before getting into the hassle of producing a physical prototype!


Topics Covered:


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Static Stress Analysis

Using 3D CAD Models (both Parts and Assembly), create meshes, and run FEA analysis to identify stress, displacement and FOS based on real-life boundary conditions.


Product Optimization with Design Studies

Using the results from the static study, run multiple iterations by varying the parameters of your design and the simulation setup to assess the impact of change on the model to suit your design needs.


Who Should Attend:
Engineers, Engineering Managers, Product Analyst, Simulation Analyst, Simulation Engineer or 3D CAD users who would like to find out how to solve design errors earlier in the designing stage rather than the prototyping stage.

Day/Date: Friday, 12th April 2019
Time: 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Fees: Free by invitation only
Location: CADVision Systems Training Centre, KL @ Ativo Plaza
Please contact +603-2630 6118 or email to event@cad-vision.com.my for more details.



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