SOLIDWORKS CAM Training @ Penang


SOLIDWORKS® CAM is a 2.5-axis milling and turning solution powered by CAMWorks®. SOLIDWORKS CAM offers 3+2 machining as well as full support for configurations, parts, and assembly machining workflows. By utilizing the emerging technologies of Model Based Definition and Knowledge Based Machining, SOLIDWORKS CAM can rapidly transform your Design to Manufacturing process by improving communication, reducing errors, reducing cycle times, and increasing your product quality.

SOLIDWORKS Cam high performance roughing capabilities allows programmers to reduce cycle times by up to 80%, reduce programming times by up to 50% and increase Tool Life by up to 500%.

SOLIDWORKS Cam uses the engineering tolerances and annotations in the SOLIDWORKS model to automatically select the correct machining operations while also adjusting asymmetric tolerances to mean tolerances

Learn SOLIDWORKS CAM. Learn a new way to program. Quickly adapt to the CAM process by leveraging the same interface the component is designed with.


Course covered:

  • Recognizing any updated geometry as the model changes through feature updates or newly imported parts.
  • Assigning machining strategies based on features that are recognized.
  • Updating machining strategies if a design’s tolerance changes.
  • Rules-based machining enables designers and engineers to:

– Catch design errors and new part setups through Automatic Feature Recognition.

– Quote components quickly using company standards captured as rules.

  • Introduction of Assembly Machining | Turning | 3+2 Milling |High Speed machining

Who Should Attend:

Designers, CNC Programmers, Cost Estimators

SOLIDWORKS CAM Training – 1 day – 9.30am – 5.30pm


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