Toolbox Utility & Costing

22 June : SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Utility & Costing – KL

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Utility & Costing

Ever Wonder How To Fasten Your Design Process?

  • Time consuming to do repetitive work in SOLIDWORKS?
  • Creating several parts files instead of configurations?
  • Required real world application machining features in SOLIDWORKS?

Ever Faced This Common Costing Issue Shared By Industries? 

  • Difficulties in making costing template for different materials?
  • Trouble in estimation manufacturing cost due to various parameters?
  • Require a fast and easy way to generate costing reports?
  • Unable to make comparison between your costing?

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Utility & Costing

This course fasten your design process by teaching the effective way to build up your common used parts, setup and SOLIDWORKS customization Toolbox and using design table to create configurations.

This fundamental course also teach customization in costing templates and quickly help estimate manufacturing cost and create quotation for sales inquiry.

Topic Covered

  • costing for sheet metal, machining components, metal cast components and plastic parts
  • general costing
  • costing for weldment, welds and guessets
  • library features
  • smart components creation
  • design table configuration
  • SOLIDWORKS toolbox
  • other SOLIDWORKS toolbox options


  • customization in costing template
  • estimation of manufacturing cost based on operation method and material
  • comparison of costing
  • generate costing report effectively
  • lesser time consumption and increase efficiency for repetitive work
  • configuration of part/assemblies
  • simple machining features


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