The State of Engineering Data Management: Challenges and Solutions – KL | 15th Apr 2020


Engineering Data Management is essential and important for Engineering projects as it involves communicating large amount of data and multiple workflows in the product development process. Managing data and related process information in a central system can improve quality control and effectiveness, minimise project confusion, and even making sure that all the stakeholders are on the same page!


Join us for a casual yet informative session where we share how we takes on the everlasting issue of engineering data control with integrated features and solutions. If your company works with file revision and collaborates with others on product development, this is a great chance to solve those irritating data issues once and for all (plus you get to enjoy lunch on us too!)

Take a look at some of the topics that be covered during the session:


databaseEngineering Data Management Challenges

The more data, the harder it is to manage and control. Don’t let common product data management challenges like Revision Control, Change Management and even Finding the Right Document stop your company’s productivity


teamCase Studies on Data Mismanagement and Solutions

Discussing the challenges faces by companies with real-life case studies and examples and how a proper data management in place can overcome these business challenges


diagramBenefits and Advantages

Don’t stop at solving existing challenges, implementing a PDM system brings more advantages and improve processes and adheres to your company’s system and processes. With the right implementation, we have helped our customers make the best use of SOLIDWORKS PDM


Who Should Attend:
Engineers, Engineering Managers, IT Manager, or 3D CAD users who would like to find out how to better collaborate with other departments and reduce data errors


Day/Date: Wednesday, 15th Apr 2020
Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Fees: Free by invitation only
Location: CADVision Systems, KL @ Ativo Plaza
Please contact +603-2630 6118 or email to for more details.