Top 10 Enhancement for Heavy Equipment- KL


Heavy Equipment such as outdoor water tank, chimney & industrial oven will failed by yielding & structure buckling when subjected to wind load, life load, self-weight, imposed load & seismic (earthquake) load. Simulation served as the R&D tool to improve the structure design of heavy equipment & increase the reliability of heavy equipment. This analysis approach reduces the time & high cost consuming of prototypes fabrication (especially for large structure products), eliminating rework and delays, and saving time and development costs.

This course will teach you the important tips & tricks and industrial Know How knowledge in enhancing the performance of heavy equipment to against risks like structure buckling, overstress & earthquake disaster that creating risk to work and should be avoided.


The Effect of Wind load on Water Tank

Buckling Analysis of Water Tank’s Structure

Effect of Earthquake to the Heavy Equipment Structure


Learned knowledge to study the effect of wind load on the outdoor structure

Learned technical Know How to improve the heavy equipment design & avoid structure buckling failure

Studied the damage of seismic load (earthquake) on heavy equipment

Learned technique to carry out simulation analysis on reliability of heavy equipment


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