SolidCAM Turning and Mill-Turn

You either have a multi-spindle/multi-turret CNC machine, or you want one. SolidCAM is the perfect solution for your present or future multi-tasking machining needs, with the ultimate in programming flexibility and configurability.


SolidCAM’s Turning Module

Program Your CNC Lathes For Fast & Efficient Turning

  • SolidCAM provides a comprehensive turning package with powerful toolpaths and techniques for fast and efficient turning.
  • SolidCAM produces advanced rough and finishes profile turning, together with support for facinggroovingthreading, and drilling.
  • SolidCAM turning supports the widest range of machine tools, including 2-Axis lathesmulti-channel configurationssub-spindle turning centers, and even the most complicated Mill-Turn machines.