How to insert an Image into a SOLIDWORKS Drawing

Insert an image into SOLIDWORKS Drawing
Do you always wonder how to insert an image when you’re using SOLIDWORKS Drawing?

Today, I’m going to show a simple way to teach you how to insert an image into a SOLIDWORKS Drawing.


1. First, images are typically inserted into a SOLIDWORKS drawing or sheet format using the commands:

  • Insert > Object > Create from File
  • Insert > Picture

Notes: If the image does not get inserted or the image resolution is not good, I usually suggest trying to insert the image using Windows copy and paste commands.


2. In the example seen here, the first attempt to insert an image as an object created from a .png file did not work; instead of a logo, only its file name was inserted.

As a workaround, the logo was copied directly from the image editor (Ctrl-C) and pasted into the SOLIDWORKS drawing (Ctrl-V).


3. Second option you can try is using Insert > Picture.

This option is much easier and you can direct edit how is the final orientation and transparency of the picture.


4. Finally, you can see the logo will appear in the drawing file.



Enjoy the trick!

Do not hesitate to let us know if you would like to know more. =)