Kvaerner Oilfield Products

Kvaerner Oilfield Products is a leading, worldwide supplier of subsea and surface oilfield production systems, risers, control systems, and umbilicals.

The Challenge

Kværner Oilfield Products is a company in the Kværner Group, which develops and manufacturers underwater products for the offshore industry. It includes the entire system for controlling the flow of oil from the drill hole to the platform. The products were previously designed with AutoCAD in 2D, but the company was not satisfied with the efficiency of a 2D system, and therefore wanted to switch to a 3D system. In addition, we had difficulties reusing previous designs in the old system, and we were often forced to reinvent the wheel several times over.

The Solution

After carefully examining the existing 3D systems, we decided on SolidWorks® CAD software. This has meant that roughly 40 CAD designers in Norway were able to increase their drawing productivity by 30 percent, thanks to the new tools. At the same time, the options for using existing designs to create new variations increased considerably. The goal is a modular system with design components that are combined and that can be modified according to individual project requirements, something that eliminates many errors. A third advantage with SolidWorks® CAD software is that it is much easier to present a design to a customer, and to create animations for training the customer’s own service technicians. SolidWorks is currently used for all types of design work, from components via large overview drawings to entire systems.

Success Metric

  • Increased drawing production efficiency by 30 percent

  • Reduced errors in creating variations by establishing a modular design system

  • Produced clear customer presentations with 3D models

  • Used animations to help train service personnel