MSD Ignition

SolidWorks software supports MSD Ignition’s increased use of injection-molded plastic parts, including some parts in the NASCAR distributor shown here, by providing greater mold development power.

The Challenge

MSD Ignition is the leading producer of ignition controls, engine components, and automotive accessories for professional race cars and high-performance street vehicles. In 2004, the company began looking for a parametric 3D CAD system with greater mold design power than their existing CAD, Mechanical Desktop and Autodesk Inventor, in order to address increased mold development and production demands.

The Solution

After purchasing a trial seat of SolidWorks CAD software, MSD Ignition chose to migrate to SolidWorks Professional software for all new product development. The company chose SolidWorks CAD software because of its dedicated mold development tools, greater modeling power, better quality support, and advanced surfacing and configuration capabilities. By moving to SolidWorks Professional software, MSD Ignition has boosted mold throughput by 25 percent, shortened mechanical/electrical systems integration time by 75 percent, improved mold quality, and increased mold complexity and innovation.

Success Metric

  • Boosted mold throughput by over 25%

  • Shortened mechanical/electrical systems integration time by 75%

  • Improved mold quality

  • Increased mold complexity and innovation