SOLIDWORKS 2018 What’s New- part 2

Counting Down

Are you excited about the launching of SOLIDWORKS 2018?

We are all hyped up with this coming SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2018 on October!

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Let’s take a look on the preview of SOLIDWORKS 2018 What’s New!


Can I mirror my 3D sketch?

Yes, now you can mirror 3D and yet maintain the symmetric relations – modify the original sketch, mirror entities are updated.

Planes can now use as the mirror reference in both 2D and 3D sketch.












Use a single feature to create rotate pattern?

Optional rotation for linear pattern saves your time by easy steps. Just set the number of instances, rotation reference and incremental angle.






SOLIDWORKS 2018 allows two concentric mates to solved correctly, by having the ‘MISALIGNED mates’, either by maintaining the concentricity of either mates or shifting the component symmetrically between them.

You can also set the maximum allowable deviation of the Concentric Mate by number or use document property.

With SOLIDWORKS 2018, Smart Explode Line tool enable you to automatically create the exploded line for exploded view. When you modify the Exploded View, Exploded Lines update instantly, keeping everything accurate and up to date.








In SOLIDWORKS 2018, magnetic mates now support multiple ground planes, by just activate it in the feature manager tree, new insert component will auto snap onto the activated plane. 







You can now easily change the connection points of magnetic mate by using open and close square brackets.

To be continued…