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SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a new Rendering Tool for SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a new Rendering Tool for SOLIDWORKS

In year 2016, SOLIDWORKS® Visualization (formerly known as Bunkspeed) has launched along with SOLIDWORKS 2016. This products provide a suite of standalone software tools that enable easy and fast creation of visual content for designers, engineers, marketing, and other content creators. SOLIDWORKS® Visualize is in fact, “The Camera” that enables users of SOLIDWORKS and other CAD data programs to create, communicate, and collaborate with high-quality visual emotional content to drive innovation, design decisions, and business solutions.

welcome to the future of SOLIDWORKS visualization

welcome to the future of visualization

With the help of SOLIDWORKS Visualization products technical users or even nontechnical users able to leverage 3D CAD data to create photorealistic marketing content in minutes. From static images to animations and immersive web content, SOLIDWORKS Visualization products deliver photographical content that clearly and emotionally depicts products in the real world. The simple, intuitive interface gives users the tools to easily develop rich, photo quality content enabling all users of any skill level to have an enhanced 3D decision making experience in a fast, easy and fun way.

SOLIDWORKS Visualization products technical users

Currently, SOLIDWORKS Visualization products include two packages namely, SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard and SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional. With SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium license, user is now able to use SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard at no cost.


SOLIDWORKS Visualize standard





You no longer need to compromise your marketing and presentation materials by relying on screen grabs, or budget for costly photographs of prototypes, to show your latest product.

With SOLIDWORKS Visualize, you can quickly and easily create:

  • Lifelike photo-quality images
  • A mood board of different colors and finishes
  • High-resolution images ready for print and the web
  • Technical illustrations of key features


With SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional you can tell a deeper 3D story about your product using your CAD data. SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional enables users to easily generate photo-quality stills and interactive animations to effectively communicate the most complex design details.

Enjoy all the features of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard plus these additional features and more:

  • Demonstrate products more effectively with full animation of parts, models, appearances, cameras, and environments
  • Import your SOLIDWORKS CAD Motion Studies for truly photographic animations
  • Quickly show off the final design with one-click, 360-degree spins
  • Create interactive web content such as Interior Panoramas and Exterior VRs
  • Present and compare varying design solutions side-by-side with multiple viewports and included Configurator tool
  • Unleash your creative side with customizable Camera Filters

SOLIDWORKS Visualize professional

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional also includes key features to help increase productivity. The integrated Render Queue allows you to stack up jobs on your machine or a dedicated render farm to automatically complete one job after the other, providing remarkable time savings. SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost (network rendering) is also included for maximum scalability and higher speed, increasing productivity immediately to meet even the most demanding schedules.

In today’s constantly evolving global marketplace, time to market and design innovation matter more than ever. SOLIDWORKS Visualize enables you to validate your product’s market acceptance in record time with ease and flare, featuring:

  • Blazing fast performance and results that are easily scalable
  • Quality images indistinguishable from photos
  • Intuitive interface and minimal learning curve
  • Industry-leading Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) support

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