SOLIDWORKS Vs. Windows 10

It’s been a while that Microsoft® announced that Windows 10® is now available for business. And here’s the questions strike in our mind… Should I upgrade the operating systems to Window 10?

Is my SOLIDWORKS’ version compatible with Windows 10?
You might find yourself the answer from the table below which is taken from the SOLIDWORKS official website:


To summarize the table, we could see that
(1) SOLIDWORKS 2014 and SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP 4.0 or older version will NOT support Windows 10
(2) SOLIDWORKS 2015 SP 5.0 and newer version is compatible with Windows 10

Therefore, we will recommend the user not to upgrade the operating systems until SOLIDWORKS has released versions (2016 SP 5.0 or newer versions) that officially support Windows 10. However, if you’ve upgraded the o.s to Windows 10 and you’d like to update your SOLIDWORKS license to the Windows 10 compatible version, feel free to contact us at

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Prepared by Nick Lai
CVS SNS Editorial, CADVision Systems Sdn. Bhd.