What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019 – Part 2

What’s new in SolidWorks 2019? – Part 2

Before putting into production, drawing is an important procedure to depict the design of the model. Dassault Systemes always aims to improve user experience and accessibility and therefore SolidWorks 2019 is being developed.

Creating Hole Tables could not become way easier than before. Dassault Systemes has provided users 3 new methods for ordering tags by creating new Hole Tables in the group box called ‘Tag Order’.  Firstly, you just need to use the same traditional method, XY orders tags and then access the shortest tool path to find the most effective method between all holes of the same size and order tag number.

Likewise, you can save Bill of Material (BOM) to Excel together with images file. Simply click ‘Save as’ in a BOM table to include your desired image file in the ‘Save As’ dialog and then your AOM attached with images will be automatically exported to Excel. A whole new feature, ‘Removed Section’ is now being introduced in SolidWorks 2019. Users can ultiilize it to examine the detailed view of specific parts of the drawing by creating a slice section.

            In addition, a new ‘Automatic View Update’ is included 2 new features which is ‘Drawing View Exclusion’ and ‘Document Property’. For the former, when the Exclude is checked and automatically View Update, is active, the drawing view will not be updated. Also the latter will enable the Automatic View Update to turn into a document property that is remembered within the saved drawing.

In the aspect of tolerances, the ISO tolerance modifying symbols can be added straightly to dimensions and tolerances using Tolerance modifier group box in the Property Manager for Dimensions   New ISO Tolerancing Symbols like ISO 14405-1:2016, ISO 8015 and ISO 1101:2017 have been added into the library to increase the availability and choice for designers.