What’s new in SolidWorks 2019? – Part 4

Often the best way to present your idea is roughly drawing out your sketch and some bits around it. This method has been implemented by mankind since the invention of paper and ink and also acts as a catalyst of different versatile machines. However, our work has become digitalized and most of the edits are done online. Sometimes these edited works require certain attention of other viewers as reminder before fabrication.

To further enhance your design experience, SolidWorks 2019 introduces you the whole new 3D Markup. It allows you to include additional markups and notes straightly on your 3D model and export them in different formats. Simply orient your model, right click the new Markup folder in the Feature Manager and begin adding notes using Microsoft Ink functionality. If the model is rotated beyond a certain angle, the markups can automatically disappear. Likewise, you can click on a markup and save it as image or document in tiff, jpeg, pdf formats.

If you are a hardcore fan of touch and stylus interaction, SolidWorks 2019 will bring you some extra support to Microsoft Surface users. You can use the Surface Dial to make some simple commands, such as pan, zoom, rotate and the list goes on. In addition, Surface Pen gets to unleash its capability as the software will automatically convert from hand-drawn sketch to useable features. As an instance, a sketched spline will be instantly recognized by the AI engine and converted a smooth spline.