What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

The most anticipating CAD software, Solidworks 2019 will be hitting the market after the summer. This year, Dassault Systemes makes a quantum leap by further introducing more than 27 exciting features to Solidworks 2019.

As an instance, a whole new “Slicing Tool” is being added to create 2D sections at the intersections of the chosen geometry and planes. Simply setting the number of slicing planes and the offset and the sketches and the rest is let Solidworks to do all its work. The resulting sketches and planes will be grouped in a single folder in Feature Manager. To be mentioned, these sketches can be edited any time for exact positioning and can also be used to create complexed geometry or referenced to define the lofts and surface needed to construct a solid model.

Currently, Solidworks 2019 are engineered to combine real life and design together. Therefore, “3D Texture Tool” feature is added to allow user to generate an image with bumpy pattern. This feature is imperative as some designs require applying special patterns to complement with their scientific purposes. Traditionally, users need to use a lot of “ribs” feature to create texture which is time-consuming. However, the new “3D Texture” command can be used to turn appearances into 3D geometry rapidly and this can increase the efficiency and save up gazillions of operating cost.

“Multi-Body Part modelling” is applied to create designs like weldments. Nonetheless, the “Interference Detection Tool” is available in the Part Mode and this enables great view into the parts. Likewise, an additional “Group Mates” option is available and this makes your assembly much easier than previous. For an example, you can lock all concentric rotations in single click or lock the rotation of components from toolbox on a specific location.