“Technology is fast changing”. That is the view we commonly hear about ever since the computer age. Looking back at history of technology, human moved from “hunter-gatherer age” to “agriculture age” about 12,000 years ago; to “industrial age” about 150 years ago; to “computer age” about 50 years ago; and now we are in “mobile age” which start about 10 years ago.  By this inclination, I can say it is accelerating towards a stagnation point before a new unknown wave of technology takes over. Part of the new wave, technology is moving toward “Augmented Age” now.  “Augmented Age” makes use of AI to provide customized solutions, products or services which will be much preferred and accepted than the standardize ones.

And the timing is right!

In SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION 2018, user will be equipped with more capabilities to customize solutions. Topology study is algorithm embedded as a tool to optimize shape and material use for a given goal and geometric constraints. It is available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium.


“The topology study performs non-parametric topology optimization of parts. Starting with a maximum design space (which represents the maximum allowed size for a component) and considering all applied loads, fixtures, and manufacturing constraints, the topology optimization seeks a new material layout, within the boundaries of the maximum allowed geometry, by redistributing the material. The optimized component satisfies all the required mechanical and manufacturing requirements. With a Topology study, you can set a design goal to find the best strength to weight ratio, minimize the mass, or reduce the maximum displacement of a component.”

Knowing the optimum shape, optimized design can be easily constructed.