Introduction of SOLIDWORKS CAM

In SOLIDWORKS 2018, there’s come a feature where you can get your CAM solution under the same program, known as SOLIDWORKS CAM.  SOLIDWORKS CAM is a 2.5-axis milling and turning solution powered by CAMWorks.

It also offers 3+2 machining as well as full support for configurations, parts, and assembly machining workflows.

SOLIDWORKS CAM Tolerance-Based Machining
SOLIDWORKS CAM supports Tolerance-Based Machining (TBM) which uses MBD Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) or SOLIDWORKS DimXpert Dimensions to choose the most suitable machining strategies.

SOLIDWORKS CAM is the only CAM solution that can leverage PMI data.


SOLIDWORKS CAM Feature Recognition
Automatic Feature Recognition generates the features found on the geometry in order to simulate tool paths.

This could save time from creating every tool path manually.

SOLIDWORKS CAM does not look at the SOLIDWORKS features found within the part, it analyses the geometry in order to apply its own machining features. This means that the automation powers of SOLIDWORKS CAM can be used on imported models too.

SOLIDWORKS CAM comes in 2 Packages:


– 2.5 axis

– Parts Only

– Tolerance Based Machining

– Available to all SOLIDWORKS 2018 users

– 2.5 axis

– Parts

– Assemblies

– Tolerance Based Machining

– High Speed Machining

– Turning

– 3+2 Machining

– Purchased separately


SOLIDWORKS CAM provides powerful knowledge based CNC Programming for Part and Assembly, Milling and Turning, that delivers a single solution from design to manufacture.

Now you can integrate your design and manufacturing processes in SOLIDWORKS all under one system!