BAE Systems

Whether developing a safety system for CH-47 helicopters or new satellite communications for C-130 military transports, BAE Systems-Cresview uses SolidWorks software to quickly deliver systems to the field.

The Challenge

BAE Systems’ Intelligence, Electronics & Support operation in Crestview, Florida, develops defensive and communications systems for retrofitting on military aircraft. The group was an early adopter of 3D CAD technology in 1997, when it transitioned from AutoCAD 2D CAD software to 3D technology in order to respond to defense contracts more quickly, control costs more effectively, and grow operations more efficiently.

The Solution

The company selected the SolidWorks 3D mechanical design system because it is easy to use, includes robust 3D visualization tools, and comes with the SolidWorks eDrawings design communications package. By deploying SolidWorks software, BAE Systems-Crestview was able to deliver a safety system to the field within three months, eliminate costly prototyping cycles, increase the level of confidence in its designs, and support tenfold growth in its number of defense contracts.

Success Metric

  • Delivered aircraft safety system to field in less than three months

  • Eliminated costly prototyping cycles

  • Increased level of confidence in designs

  • Supported ten-fold growth in defense contracts