JUGS Sports, Inc.

JUGS Sports implemented SolidWorks Professional design software to jump-start product development, reducing design time while simultaneously expanding its product line.

The Challenge

JUGS Sports, Inc., is the world’s leading producer of baseball-pitching machines, softball-pitching machines, batting cages, radar guns, and other sports-related practice equipment. The company has expanded into the development of ball-throwing systems for football, soccer, tennis, field hockey, and cricket. To respond to increasing competition, the manufacturer needed a 3D design system that would enable it to efficiently expand its product line and introduce innovative concepts.

The Solution

JUGS Sports chose SolidWorks® Professional software to jumpstart new product development because it is easy to use and helps the company visualize and interrogate new design concepts. By selecting SolidWorks solutions, JUGS Sports reduced its development time by 50 percent, cut the time from design to prototype in half, expanded its product line to capture the youth market, and increased product innovation.

Success Metric

  • Reduced development time by 50 percent

  • Cut time from design to prototype in half

  • Expanded product line to capture youth market

  • Increased product innovation