Wolverine Worldwide Inc.

With SolidWorks Premium software, Wolverine Worldwide has grown its product line while saving time and cutting costs simultaneously.

The Challenge

Wolverine Worldwide, Inc. manufactures more than a dozen footwear brands—including well-known names like Hush Puppies, Merrell, and Wolverine—doing business in 190 countries and various footwear categories. Until 2001, Wolverine used the Pro/ENGINEER® CAD system to develop its products. At that time, usability and cost issues, and management’s plans to grow the company’s product offering, prompted Wolverine to evaluate other 3D design platforms.

The Solution

Wolverine chose SolidWorks® Premium software because it is easy to use, provides greater value at a lower price, and includes integrated surfacing, visualization, and simulation tools. By selecting SolidWorks Premium, Wolverine has shortened its design cycles by 60 percent, cut its development costs by 50 percent, reduced material usage by 50 percent, and expanded its product line by 200 percent.

Success Metric

  • Shortened design cycles by 60 percent

  • Reduced material usage by 50 percent

  • Cut development costs by 50 percent

  • Expanded product line by 200 percent