Preview of What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2017 Top Ten Features (PART 1)

1. 3D Interconnect

Ever feel upset when your customer or supplier used a different design tool which is incompatible with yours? The design process becomes more complex due to the variety of design tools in the market. Now, SOLIDWORKS 2017 provides a solution for this problem by introducing flexible and powerful new workflows when working with 3rd Party design data with 3D Interconnect.

The new 3D Interconnect supports numerous different file formats which include PTC Creo, Autodesk Inventor, Siemens Solid Edge and NX. As well as CATIA V5 for SOLIDWORKS Premium. It allows you to work with CAD data from a variety of design tools as though they were native SOLIDWORKS files. This new function streamlined the collaboration between different parties regardless of which CAD tools they are using. 3D Interconnect breaks the barrier of design workflows and make it faster with lesser cost.

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2. Improved Large Assembly Performance

There are about 1800 separate parts in a car. How long will it take to assemble all these parts? The time consumed in large assemblies can be significant and slow down the whole design process. This is due to the sheer number of models that get loaded and the interactions that need to be solved between these components in large assemblies. This can particularly difficult when working with layouts to optimize space and organize equipment.

Several new tools in SOLIDWORKS 2017 can help to enhance workflows that directly address many of these challenges. First, parts and assemblies can be published as assets that allow easy drag and drop mating. Upon insertion, components are immediately snapped onto a ground plane, and can be rotated for approximate positioning with a simple tab key. Magnetic Mate can applied as an asset approaches another to allow mating in a fast manner. These new Magnetic Mates make it easy to organize equipment and maximize space utilization.

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Stay tuned with us for more what’s new preview for SOLIDWORKS 2017!

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