SOLIDWORKS, part of Dassault Systemes, is a world leader in providing 3D solutions that helps millions of engineers and designers succeed in producing innovation and updates. SOLIDWORKS delivers and intuitive experience in product design, simulation, publishing, data management, and environmental impact assessment. Throughout years of endeavour, SOLIDWORKS has established itself as a leader in CAD market that focusing on ease of use, affordability, and community. To make sure this legacy retains, SOLIDWORKS is continuing its efforts to make itself not just a tool but a must to all CAD users in this year.

            Hence, it’s time for SOLIDWORKS 2019 to be disclosed in front of audience. In this coming SOLIDWORKS 2019, there are more than 27 updates and upgrades are queuing up in a line to meet with all CAD users. It is a norm that SOLIDWORKS continues to focus on ease of use which is the main criterion top-performing companies in CAD solutions while continuing to invest 80% of its revenue back into its development with the aim that all its customers enjoy a competitive advantage with tools for a better decision that lead to more competitive products. Just to disclose one of the new updates will be the DraftSight/ 3D EXPERIENCE Marketplace Integration.

            DraftSight is a professional-grade, powerful 2D design and drafting solution with a familiar user interface and a minimal learning from your current 2D CAD application at a fraction of the cost. It’s also a free CAD tool that lets you to make changed to your DXF or DWG files into their native formats. In SOLIDWORKS 2019, DraftSight functionality has been upgraded to provide the most seamless way to let your DraftSight design and content made and collaborate with leading digital manufacturers worldwide.


The connection between DraftSight with 3D EXPERIENCE Marketplace enables millions of CAD user especially to those using DWG to experience a smooth and intact journey from design to manufacturing of the products. It also provides an alternative path for CAD users to collaborate with qualified industrial supplier across a range of services throughout the design and manufacturing processes.

            The DraftSight/3D EXPERIENCE Marketplace Integration will be based on the specification set by the CAD users to select the best partner and qualified ecosystem industrial manufacturer to allows their DWG/DXF and STL contents ready for laser cutting or 3D printing.