Using Cut List Sorting Option

In previous SOLIDWORKS versions , the cut list would create an entirely new item folder, instead of staying in the original item folder and limited control over the way they could sort the cut list components. Now, cut List Sorting Option, cut lists are more flexible and can be worked with to avoid instances like this from happening, which can lead to a much more organized cut list.

Below as per example, I have created a weldment with six solid bodies, all of which are the same size.


I add a slot to 20x20x1.6 SHS<8> by doing a cut extrude. In this moment , SOLIDWORKS will come out four component in the cut list. SOLIDWORKS will identify these are different geometries , you may want to keep two side bar under one cut-list-item . In drawing cut list table , the cut- extrude will separate to be new item.


If you wanted to keep those weldments in the same Cut-List-Item folder in your cut list, you may right-click the cut list and selecting the Cut List Sorting Options .


In Cut List Sorting Options , you can choose which features you’d like to exclude in sorting the different welded parts in your cut list.  The Collect Identical Bodies feature will collect all bodies that are geometrically identical.


You can see that the Cut-Extrude feature now included in your same cut list.