What’s new in SolidWorks 2019? – Part 6

Fancy on the Ironman in the movie able to design its plasma suit with a few simple gestures in the air? SolidWorks 2019 will be rolling out one of its newest features, Extended Reality (XR) to the 3D CAD community, meaning that extend our idea to the reality.  It is meant to introduce a whole new method to publish your CAD data in front of yourself as if a live, well-fabricated model.

            This year in Los Angeles, SolidWorks has demoed their newest Augmented Technology (AR) for the first time. The model can be viewed through Meta’s Model Viewer platform on a Meta 2 Development Kit headset utilizing a feature called publish to Xtended Reality”, which allows the users to export their own CAD model to an altered open-source file format called “gITF”. Although the 3D model will suffer from some metadata loss after being exported from the original file format, this AR technology provides a deeper insight for the users to scrutinise their prototypes.

            Besides for the user’s experience, Extended Reality can also provide a new way to the other organization to demonstrate and promote their own products. As an instance, a company can demonstrate their customers the customised prototype clearer during presentation.  Without shadow of a doubt, viewing and presenting 3D CAD models can aid with product development workflows, reduce the conventional way of requiring the first article and speed up design review cycles.

Till next time. See ya.